During our 2023 edition, we celebrated the very best, from exceptional marinas to groundbreaking achievements.
Mark your calendars and get ready to set sail for an even grander celebration! 
The Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards 2024 promises to be truly stunning.



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Cast your vote for the Most Popular Marina Award! 
Voting starts from 20th October till 23rd November.


23rd November

Abu Dhabi International Boat Show


As custodians of Abu Dhabi’s seas, Abu Dhabi Maritime champions a thriving maritime domain that upholds the highest safety, health, and efficiency standards. As part of AD Ports Group in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Mobility – Department for Municipalities and Transport (DMT), we propel the Emirate towards its ambition as a leading global maritime capital.

Following the resounding success of the inaugural Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards in 2023, where we celebrated the very best marinas across the Middle East and Turkey for their achievements in safety, service, environmental practices, innovation, and sustainability, preparations for the 2024 ceremony are well underway.

This year promises to be even more impressive as we showcase the brightest stars in marina excellence. The 2024 Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards are gearing up for a spectacular event. Prepare yourselves for a glittering celebration!

Outstanding Marina Award

Introducing the esteemed Outstanding Marina Award – an opportunity to unleash your marina’s full potential and showcase its comprehensive capabilities! By applying for this prestigious accolade, you’ll be automatically entered for consideration in all five other award categories, streamlining the process with a single submission.

This is your chance to truly shine and demonstrate the exceptional qualities that distinguish your marina. Don’t miss this opportunity to excel and gain the recognition you deserve!


The award categories are as follows:

Participating in the Outstanding Marina Award automatically qualifies entrants for consideration in all other award categories. This involves promoting continuous improvement through new ideas and technology to enhance operations and customer experiences, ensuring exceptional customer interactions by understanding needs, and encouraging loyalty through feedback.  Applicants must also demonstrate sustainability by integrating environmental responsibility into their strategies, ensure well-being by promoting a strong safety culture, and cultivate exceptional workplaces through a positive ethos and staff development.

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement entails embracing innovation-driven approaches, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and achieving results that enhance operations, customer experiences, or environmental impact.

Providing exceptional workplaces that motivate and empower employees to reach their full potential involves fostering a positive culture, investing in talent development, and achieving solid employee-related outcomes.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience with a deep understanding of customer needs, seamless interactions across channels, and the intelligent use of technology. This entails considering customer feedback, driving continuous improvement, and fostering loyalty and advocacy.

Commitment to sustainability involves integrating environmental responsibility into the marina’s core strategy. This includes implementing innovative programs to reduce its ecological footprint and achieve tangible results for a healthier planet.

Prioritising the well-being of employees, contractors and visitors is underpinned by a strong health and safety culture, proactive risk management systems and a demonstrably good safety record – all hallmarks of a successful organisation.

The Most Popular Marina Award, determined solely by public vote, invites passionate marina supporters to engage. Rally your community and prepare to claim this esteemed title!

Most Popular Marina Award

The Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards celebrate excellence across the industry with six esteemed awards. But there’s another exceptional award—the Most Popular Marina Award — where the power rests with you!
  • This unique award requires no submission documents. It’s decided entirely by a public vote, driven by the passion of marina fans.
  • In this award juries will not partake- it’s all about the enthusiasm of passionate marina supporters!
  • In this exciting competition, victory hinges on rallying your fans to vote and being fully prepared for the challenge.
  • Is your marina ready to claim the coveted title of most popular, backed by its loyal community? Let your fans’ passion roar!


Hear what past participants say about the Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards.

Captain Mike Fetton
Dear Abu Dhabi, Maritime Awards. I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the honor of being invited to serve as a judge for the inaugural Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards Marina Edition.  It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to participate in such a prestigious event that celebrates excellence in marinas.
Please allow me to congratulate and thank you for organizing the Abu Dhabi boat show, the Abu Dhabi Maritime Award – Marina edition, and for hosting us.   It is with immense pride and gratitude that I stood before you, on behalf of Ayla, to accept the Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards for the Best in Environment and Best in Safety.
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Adel Maani
Marine Manager,
Play Video
Dimitris Lorentzoz
Director of Marinas,
Aldar Marinas
Play Video
Omar Nashashibi
Director of Revenue & Business
Development, Ayla
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Selcuk Balci
Managing Director,


Capt. Salmeen Alhammadi

Head of Business Development

Captain Saif Al Mheiri

Managing Director

Gunther Alvarado

Chief Operating Officer

Patricia Caswell

General Manager

Capt. Michael Fetton

Managing Director

Farrokh Golchin

Managing Director

Prof. El Hadi Mohamed El Tigani

VP - Corporate Excellence

Ahmad Al Khayat

Senior VP - Excellence Management

Isra'a Mobideen

Middle East Regional Director

Mark Kirby


Wyndham Tops

Executive Director


Does the submitter require permission to submit an entry on behalf of the marina?
The submission of an entry by the marina or on behalf of the marina by individual(s) requires permission from the person(s) in charge.

Is it possible for a marina to apply for more than one Abu Dhabi Maritime Award?
Each marina is allowed to submit multiple award applications (up to 4 submissions for 4 awards). However, when applying for five awards, only one application for the “Outstanding Marina Award” is permitted.

Is participating in the Outstanding Marina Award enough for consideration in all other categories?
Participation in the Outstanding Marina Award automatically grants eligibility for all other categories (with one submission only).

How is the Most Popular Marina Award determined?
The Most Popular Marina Award is determined through a vote-based system and does not require any submission documents.

Would a newly established marina with only one year of operation be eligible to submit for the Abu Dhabi Maritime Awards?
A new marina is eligible to enter if it has been operating, or conducting live projects, for at least 12 months.

How will the judges evaluate the information outlined in the marinas’ submission documents?

The judging criterion examines whether the marina provides clear evidence and demonstrates a well-thought-out understanding of the requirements outlined in the submission document.

What aspects of the marina’s strategy execution will impress the judges?

Our expert judges will examine how the strategy was executed and identify the factors that contributed to its success.

How can marinas showcase success in their entry?

When submitting an entry, it’s crucial to demonstrate success with solid, accountable evidence and explain why it deserves to win.


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